Private Sector Foundation of Lesotho


Creating Business Unity

& Economic growth !!!


Welcome to PSFL

PSFL is actively encouraging associations, institutions, professional bodies, businesses and other organisations to play their roles in the Foundation.

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Fostering participation of the private sector in the Business Council and public decision making in matters affecting economic and business activity;

Assisting in the creation of employment and promoting strategic sectors of the economy such as tourism, agro-industry and mining.                  

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The Foundation provides the following services:


  1. Legal and professional

  2. Advice Companay and constitution registration

  3. Joint ventures and consortium development

  4. Information insemination

  5. Any other services required by member.

The Private Sector Foundation of Lesotho (PSFL) is the umbrella body for the private sector in the Kingdom of Lesotho. It was officially launched in October 2009, and its overall objective is to promote and ensure sustained dialogue between the Government of Lesotho (GoL) and private sector as well as to facilitate the promotion and development of a dynamic private sector. In terms of its constitution, the Private Sector Foundation of Lesotho implements its objectives through the following activities:

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